About Us

About Us


Our Vision

We started the school with a vision to extend a holistic and experiential education to children in their early years. We seek to develop a deep sense of reverence, confidence and compassion in every child.

Our Environment

We offer a innovative, nurturing and refreshing blend of Waldorf and Montessori environments to the children. In the school the children experience the lovely rhythm of teacher-inspired group lessons and the individualized self-learning periods beautifully.

Our Mission

We have created our curriculum and in-school activities after much research and thought. Among other areas, we emphasize smooth transition of home-school routine, instilling a sense of goodness and social responsibility, marvel at simple everyday science around us, gratitude to nature and people and preparation for both alternative and main-stream schooling.

We believe that individuals reflect what they experience as a child. Sixteen years of interacting intimately with children and parents has given us deep insight into what we can do to shape tomorrow’s adults.

Our entire team works with a passion of sharing the insights that we have about child development with parents and our community.

Our Offering

We present a four-year program to the 2+ year old who join our school, starting from pre-nursery and extending to Nursery, Prep1 and Prep2. When a child spends these years with us, it helps us instill a sense of reverence, confidence and compassion in the child. The children seem to benefit exponentially from the compatible and complimentary Montessori and Waldorf methodologies that are blended in our school.

Montessori system provides an excellent framework for providing activities that help develop coordination, concentration and independence. The well-researched materials help lay excellent foundations for math, language, social and self-help skills. On the other hand, Waldorf system helps to expand the role of creativity, imagination, free play, music & rhythm, handwork and stories that help build the will of the child between 0-7 years.

Our parental enrichment programs and workshops help create a support network to raising children in a holistic way. Through these workshops, parents of our children stay well-informed of parenting best practices.These workshops are conducted by our in-house faculty as well as the experts in the field. You can know more about the workshops here.