School Spirit

Date: January 6, 2016 Author: chmfadmin Categories: Events 0


An early learning and development zone is what we would like to label our offering as. Our approach to education is holistic in nature, given that we believe that a child’s early education should not be confined to books alone. Our belief is that a person will be and will always be what he was/did and said as a child. Years of experience interacting closely with children and their parents has given us deep insight into what should go into the making of tomorrow’s adults.

Our curriculum and in-school activities have been designed and developed after much research and thought. Age-appropriateness, preparation for main-stream schooling, smooth transition of school-home routine, instilling of a sense of goodness and social responsibility, exposure to simple everyday science around us, appreciation of nature/occupation/people around us and contribution to household chores are some of the areas around which we school our children. Our entire team works with a passion of sharing the insights that we have about child development with all.

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