Radhika (Prithvi’s mum)

Chimply Fun is a wonderful environment for a child to begin his schooling. The teachers and akkas are extremely dedicated, patient, very affectionate and kind and this gives the parents a lot of confidence especially at the pre-nursery level. The teachers are open to suggestions, ideas from parents and they are implemented as well.

Thanks to Malini and her team for also inculcating the reading habit from such an early age-your method of issuing library books every week is great. I wish I had known of Chimply Fun when my elder son started school as he would have most definitely loved it here.

Viji (Shreya’s mum)

A big thanks to the dedicated staff of Chimply Fun. It was a lovely show and one of the things here is that the teachers make it a point to see that every child is given a role in all activities and events. The procedure of giving worksheets every week is good that it reinforces that week’s learning. Many a time, I have forgotten to submit it , but Malini never forgets to ask me!
The Chimply Fun t-shirt is a big hit with Shreya,…she loves it so much and refuses to remove it at the end of the day. She would be thrilled if it was the school uniform.

Mamta (Vaishant’s mum)

Thanks for handholding Vaishant into the first real step of his life. You have exceeded my expectations in how you did it and I can’t thank you enough.

Savitha (Sanvitis’s mum)

One of the nicest things about Chimply Fun is the ever smiling faces of the teachers and the akkas. This gives a lot of confidence to the children as well as to the parents. The school has provided a very strong foundation and we will always tend to compare this when our kids go to a bigger school. Seema seems to be an inspiration to Sanviti who is always imitating her dance steps and posture.

Hema (Reesa’s mum)

Chimply Fun has been the best option for my child. Like any other parent, I wanted the best for my child and I guess I have checked out each and every preschool in and around the area. The schools were either too expensive or having old methods of teaching. That was when a friend recommended Chimply Fun. The teachers are excellent. Their teaching methods are the best. My child loves her school so much and she is learning so many things at this early age. She is very happy at school, has improved tremendously in her communication; she uses new words effortlessly and has an overall improvement.

Beena (Mithila’s mother)

Chimply Fun is living upto its name. Mithila herself believes she loves to go to school because she loves to play and is echoing the same thing. As Mithila’s mum, I feel my child is in a secure environment and in safe hands at Chimply Fun.

Lakshmi(Aishwarya’s Mother)

The teachers of Chimply fun always find the good qualities or the positive aspects in the child and make it a point to tell the child or the parent and this makes the child come out in nice colours and boosts the child’s confidence. They are always open to take inputs from the parents and consider it.

I would have liked to keep Aishwarya at Chimply fun for the next year but unfortunately we will have to relocate. We will miss Chimply fun a lot.

Vani (Rohini’s mom)

This is Rohini’s mother. I would like to thank Chimply fun and all the staff members there for being such a great support. They have laid the perfect foundation for my daughter. 2yrs of my daughter’s schooling was perfectly happy. She has enjoyed every bit of her day at Chimply fun. I would be very thankful to Seema for being the best teacher, a friend, a guide and such a great person. The teachers at Chimply fun know our children more than us. No words can actually express what they mean to me.

Bini ( Rohan Roy’s Mom)

Rohan has been very enthusiastic to go to school everyday and this makes Chimply Fun special .I am happy with the overall development of Rohan and thanks a ton to Malini , Swathi and Seema

Mahalakshmi (Pranav’s mother)

Pranav was very quiet in school from the beginning and not even talking to the teachers. But now, he is very fond of Seema/Malini/Swathi and also Radha akka and Sudha akka. I am sure he will never forget them. Everyday he keeps talking about them atleast once.
Its really sweet and also great that the teachers have created such a good rapport with the kids.
They have really worked hard and spent a lot of effort to bring our kids to this level, both in understanding things and in speaking as well.

This is Mahalakshmi (Pranav’s mother) and Pranav is in Seema’s class..

Mother Teresa

We cannot do great things on this earth,only small things with great love

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