To Run or ok NOT to Run?

Date: July 27, 2016 Author: chmfadmin Categories: Blog 0

When you come across a bunch of 2-3 year olds, you are bound to notice a few who enjoy physical activity, a few who are clueless on what to do outdoors but with a little encouragement are ready to try out something and a few who stick close to the adult and refuse to budge.


Now, these few who stick close to the adult…..are they doing so because they don’t enjoy physical activity or because they are afraid they may hurt themselves?  In most cases it is fear that holds them behind and whatever the reason may be, we let the child be; saying that, “he’s just not the physical/ outdoorsy type” or “as he grows up he’ll learn to get over this fear of falling and getting hurt.”


Unfortunately, if left alone; children don’t reach their full potential in physical strength and coordination.


Toddlers need overall strength to participate in a wide variety of activities and have the confidence in their ability to try different outdoor activities.  These activities also involve co-ordination of movement.  Although each child may develop at his own pace, we need to provide the right stimulation for every child at his level.  Sometimes, the inability of a child to jump or run indicates a deformity which if addressed earlier on can be corrected easily.


The health benefits of regular physical activity are well known. And even though every child may not grow up to be a sportsperson, regular opportunities for play should be provided. Development of gross motor skills plays a major role in social and emotional development.


The school curriculum should include opportunities for a child to play on his own or in a team.  Depending on the child’s innate nature he may chose a team sport or an individual sport. But that doesn’t matter as long as the child is willing to participate in some form of physical activity thus overcoming his fears!!!







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